Coronavirus: Don't Allow Fear to Drive Financial Decisions

Katie Brennan |

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Uncertainty can shake any investor's confidence and lead to costly mistakes.  While the COVID-19 infection seems to be stabilizing in China, new cases are emerging in other countries. This has triggered another round of risk aversion around the world.  

We welcome you to pause and want to remind you that volatility, geopolitical turmoil and health scares are a natural part of efficient markets.  It never feels good, but volatility is where you make money.  You simply have to choose to stay invested and ride out the storm.

You've heard us say many times before, there are so many parts of the market that we cannot control; making the pieces of your financial plan that we can control all that more important.  You are resilient and know that we do not make decisions about your portfolio based on emotions.  Rather, we stick to fundamentals. 

If you have any changes to the fundamentals of your financial plan, please contact us so we may discuss further.  We are here and happy to help.  

In the meantime, hold on tight and stay invested.

Thank you,

Your Team at BFPCC