Financially Savvy Gift Giving

Katie Brennan |

The mornings are crisp and remind us that the holidays soon approach.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's all about family, friends, food and gratitude.  I read a blog this morning that discussed taking the time to let go of your to-do list and instead make a list of your accomplishments-- how powerful. I love the idea of sitting with gratitude and reflecting on all for which we are thankful. Please know you are amongst the people for which I am grateful.   

Given many of you will be with friends and family over the next few weeks, we want to take this time to share some financially savvy gift giving ideas.  We want you to be prepared in case the topic of gift giving comes up.

The holidays can put a strain on our spending plans, but they do not have to.  Below we offer some fun twists on gift giving that may help you stay on track.   

  • Suggest a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa instead of gifts for everyone in the family or office.
  • In lieu of gifts, plan a special outing to get outside and play.  Perhaps a scavenger hunt of hidden index cards with notes of all the things for which you are grateful.
  • Plan a pot-luck, movie day at home where you invite your close friends to watch a couple of your favorite holiday films together.
  • Instead of buying lots of presents for that special someone, agree to sign up for a fun, charity event together.  A great way to give each other the gift of health while supporting a charity in which you believe.

Skip gifting with friends and instead make time for a walk or breakfast together.  This takes the pressure off (no shopping) and truly allows you to enjoy your time together.

We hope the above recommendations are helpful.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend ahead and some time to reflect on that for which you are most appreciative. Happy Thanksgiving!