Psychology of Investing 7.28.22

Virtual via Zoom

We would like to invite you to join Beacon Financial Planning and BlackRock for a seminar on the investing mistakes you may not know you're making. Regardless of how sophisticated or well-intentioned an investor you are, we are all susceptible to thoughts and emotions that can be detrimental to our investments. Join us to discuss the following;

  • What behaviors to watch out for.
  • The impact they can have on your wealth.
  • How to minimize the impact of emotions on your investments.

We have two virtual seminars scheduled (registration links enclosed below); Thursday, July 28th at 10am and Wednesday, August 31st at 12pm. The webinars are free and open to anyone who is interested in attending so please share with your friends and family. Please be on the lookout for an in person seminar to be scheduled in mid-September. If you're interested in attending the in person seminar, please email Melissa and she will send you the date, time and location once it's finalized.

Please click here to register for the Psychology of Investing Virtual Seminar on Thursday 7/28 at 10am.

We hope you will join us!