The 2016 Presidential Election: A Poem by Michaela

'Twas the weeks before election

And all through the land

Voters are curious...

Who's next to take the stand?


Will we have our first female President?

Or will Trump be our Leader?

Voters may feel uncertain

As to whether they can trust either.


As we are bombarded with debates

And at times childish behavior,

We may wonder how the election

May cause our investment portfolios to waiver.


We urge you to remember

The markets are based on earnings.

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Elections and the Stock Market: Much to Do About Nothing

It’s a presidential election year and with that comes the invariable stock market correlations seeking to predict election results or forecast the market’s direction.  On one hand, the performance of the stock market during the two months leading up to the election has been somewhat of a predictor of who will win the race. On the other hand, we try to predict the direction of the market based on who wins the election.

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