BFPCC Team Year in Review

January 28th, 2020

I hope you are enjoying the start to the New Year and New Decade. I pause in gratitude to reflect on this past decade and want to share some exciting news with you for what's ahead.

When I purchased Beacon Financial Planning of Cape Cod, Inc in June of 2015 we had a staff of 2 people and we were managing around $90 Million of assets. Today we are a team of 5 and manage around $180 Million of assets.

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Financial Decisions Made Easy with Clearly-Defined Goals

One of the best illustrated instances of indecision occurs in the story of Alice in Wonderland in which Alice comes to a fork in the road and must choose a path to continue her journey. She seeks the advice of grinning Cheshire cat which appears out of nowhere. “Where are you headed?”  the cat asks Alice, to which she replied, “I don’t know.” “Well,” the cat smugly responds, “then it really doesn’t matter.” 

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